Spring Creek Association 

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This link contains a list of Spring Creek Residents who can do certain odd jobs, yard care, etc. They are FOR HIRE, they are not volunteers. Spring Creek Association does not endorse anyone on this list. 

Yard Care For Hire

All the information you need to determine if your property is in compliance with the Spring Creek Association's Declaration of Reservations, or the Committee of Architecture Rules & Regulations can be found here.

Common Violation Issues

Per the DOR's the Committee may adopt reasonable rules and regulations in order to carry out its duties. These rules and regulations can be found here. These rules and regulations may be adopted or changed by a majority vote of the Committee.

Code Compliance

Some common property violation issues are listed below. We ask all Spring Creek Association property owners to occasionally take a look around their property to see if they have any of these common issues, and if so, we ask that you take care of them before the COA Members conduct their evaluations. 

Inoperative/Unlicensed/Unregistered Vehicles - this is a major issue in every Tract of the Association. 

Storage of Tools and Trash - also considered unsightly storage of miscellaneous items or debris.

Exterior Condition of Structures - this regards paint, repair and roofing of homes, and accessory structures.

Excessive Brush/Weeds or Dead Trees/Shrubs - this is a major issue as the weather gets warmer in all Tracts. 

Fences in Disrepair - this is a common issue especially after the winter months when high winds and snow melt take a toll on fencing; causing deterioration, broken posts and rails, etc.

We love our community and we want it to continue to be the best place to live in Nevada!

The Master DOR's for the Spring Creek Association were recorded April 8, 1971. These are the governing documents of the Association. Within these DOR's also dictates parcel zoning, and the permitted uses, conditional uses, etc. of each zoning area within the Association.