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Ruby Dome is the tallest peak in the Ruby Mountains and Elko County at 11,387 feet in elevation. The hike to the summit of Ruby Dome is around 6 miles long with an elevation gain of almost 4,800 feet. This peak can be easily seen from Elko and Spring Creek as it towers above the valley below. You can hike Ruby Dome as a day trip but most people spend the night at Griswold Lake and then hike to Ruby Dome the next Day.

This hike starts at the trail head at the top of the Spring Creek Campground, site #1. You will need a pin number to get through the electronic gate and into the campground. To obtain a pin number contact the Spring Creek Association office at (775) 753-6295 8am-5pm Monday - Friday. It costs $25.00 per vehicle per day to use the Trail Head Parking. We base days on actual days not nights camped. 

The hike to Ruby Dome starts at an elevation of about 6,600 feet at the trail head. The trail heads up Hennan Canyon along Bufferfield Creek. This part of the hike can be hot but luckily the trail weaves in and out of aspen trees and runs very close to Butterfield Creek from time to time.

As you hike up the canyon the terrain changes and gets rockier. Once you get closer to Griswold Lake the trail gets steeper and you can lose the trail in the rocks and vegetation very easily. Some people make this hike late in the hiking season because the traffic on the trail makes it easier to find your way through this section.

Once you arrive at Griswold Lake you are approximately half way to the summit. Griswold Lake is at 9,220 feet in elevation and is a popular place to spend the night before the steep climb to the summit of Ruby Dome. It is estimated to take between two (2) to two and a half (2 1/2) hours to get to Griswold Lake. The time to the summit is also around two and a half hours (2 1/2) from Griswold Lake.

From Griswold Lake the hike really starts to get steep. Hike to the back of the lake on the left side you can find a trail that heads up the slope to the ridge above. Once you make it to the top of this ridge you will be at 10,200 feet in elevation and can see Ruby Dome as the peak to your right. 

From here you have the choice to summit Ruby Dome from the ridge on the left or a chute on the right. The ridge on the left is not a difficult route but if you do not like heights, BEWARE as there are huge drop offs on both sides of this ridge.

The chute works well except for the fact that there is usually still deep snow in it until later in the summer. The snow in some of these areas can still be over your head even into late August. Crampons would make this part of the hike easier.

After you exit the chute keep heading up the rocky slope and before long you will see the two karns on the summit of Ruby Dome, here you can enjoy the view and write your name in the book.

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SCA - Campground Rules and Regulations

The following is a list of rules that must be observed when using the Spring Creek Campground.



The following is a synopsis of the department’s campground rules and regulations.


  • All persons entering the campground must register with the

      Spring Creek Association.

  • Campers must be valid property owners and in good standing with the Committee of Architecture to get a permit.  Permit holders must have identification, and furnish the full names of everyone in the camping party.
  • All Campers must obtain a camping permit; this permit must be displayed in the window of the camping trailer or a vehicle, making it easily readable from the main road.
  • Campers may check in from 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm, but must register for their desired site 72-hours prior to arrival.  Twenty-four hour period is from 1:00 pm to 1:00pm the next day.
  • Campers must vacate their campsite no later than 11:00 am on the final day.
  • Campers must leave the campsite clean with all trash picked-up.
  • Camping permits will not be issued for more than seven (7) nights, but may be renewed depending upon availability of sites. (Exception: July 1 through Labor Day)
  • From July 1 through Labor Day, only seven (7) cumulative nights of camping on one particular site can be obtained.  Camper may move to a different site. This is to ensure that new campers can enjoy their right to camp.
  • Property owners are permitted to have four (4) guests at the same campsite.  All guests must be accompanied by the property holder.  All guests must be camping at the same site as the property owner.
  • The permit holder/property owner is responsible for the conduct of everyone and is liable for any violations of the rules and regulations.
  • Campsite occupancy is limited to eight (8) persons of the immediate family per campsite, (Only identified campsite will allow occupancy to exceed the above listed limits. Property owners may contact SCA for special accommodations; this is a case by case basis.)
  • All campers will occupy and place equipment only on the assigned campsite.
  • Any tent or other camping equipment left unoccupied for more than 48 hours may be taken down and removed by SCA or their designee at the property owners/permit holder’s expense.
  • The use of external generators may be limited to no more than five (5) hours per day and fall between the hours of 9:00 am and 11:00 am and 4:00 pm to 7 pm daily.  Violators of this policy may be evicted.
  • Bathroom facilities are open from Memorial Day through Labor Day pending weather permitting.

Day Use

  • Anyone who is not camping is a day-user. Day-use hours are from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm.
  • Day-users are not allowed between 9:00 pm to 7:00 am.


  • All fires must be built in the fireplaces provided for that purpose.
  • No fires are permitted except for cooking or warmth.
  • No fires shall be permitted when “No Open Burn” directives are in place and subject to Elko County Fire Protection District restrictions. 
  • No fire shall be started until all nearby flammable material has been removed to prevent its spread.
  • Firewood cannot be gathered on site.
  • No Cutting firewood.
  • Fires cannot be left unattended.
  • All fires must have five (5) gallons of water or a fire extinguisher available.
  • All fires must not be left unattended and be fully extinguished prior to retiring for the night or leaving the campsite.

General Behavior

  • Quiet must be observed between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am
  • No person shall deface or remove Spring Creek Association signs, structures, or barriers.
  • No person shall remove or injure any plants, trees, flowers, or remove rocks found on SCA campgrounds.
  • No person shall deposit garbage or refuse on or in SCA structures.
  • Litter is to be placed in the trash containers.  If the containers are full, litter is to be placed in large plastic tied bags and placed next to the containers.
  • No person shall possess fireworks.
  • No person shall post signs or notices on SCA property.
  • No person shall intentionally expose themselves in a lewd manner.
  • No person shall obstruct vehicular or pedestrian traffic.
  • No person shall engage in fighting or violent, tumultuous or threatening behavior; or engage in any other activity which violates the penal law.
  • No person shall discharge firearms in the campground.
  • Absolutely no hunting, trapping or cutting of firewood is allowed.  Shooting at targets in the rifle range area only. 
  • The gate shall be kept locked at all times.


  • Pets must be confined or leashed to restrict them the campsite of the owner.
  • Animals cannot be left unattended. 
  • Barking or vicious dogs must be removed from the campground.
  • Animals may be walked on a leash – no longer than 6 feet, provided they are under control at all times.
  • Pet owners must properly dispose of the animal’s excrement.


  • No person under 21 years of age shall possess alcoholic beverages.
  • Persons age 21 or over who possess or consume alcoholic beverages must produce adequate identification and proof of age upon request.
  • If an individual is observed violating this law, he/she will be advised of this violation and will be asked to leave the premises.

Motorized Vehicles

  • No person shall operate a motor vehicle at a speed in excess of the posted speed limit.
  • No person shall fail to comply with any traffic control sign or device.
  • No person shall park or stand a motor vehicle on any campground roadway.


This is a private campground.  Groups and organizations may lease this facility.  Groups of 10 to 75 individuals will be charged $1.00 per person, payable in advance.  Campsites must be reserved and assigned by the Spring Creek Association.  Individual waivers will be required.











Hiking Ruby Dome Trail


Nestled in the foothills of the Ruby Mountains, our beautiful, quiet campground encompasses 630 acres of pristine Nevada Terrain. 

The campground offers trailhead access to Ruby Dome and Griswold Lake as well as many other wonders in the Ruby Mountain Wilderness.