Spring Creek Association 

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Can we hunt in Spring Creek Association?  Hunting in any form within Spring Creek Association is prohibited. Signage is posted at every main entrance of the Association.

Can I let my dogs run loose?   No. All domestic animals and livestock must be contained within the limits of your property.

SCA DOR’s Page 5 Item #3:
Animals-Livestock & Domestic:  No livestock will be permitted in the “R” zones of this Declaration. No livestock, other than horses where permitted, shall be allowed without first having received the approval of the Committee of Architecture. Domestic animals such as dogs, cats, or other household pets may be kept provided they are not kept, bred, or maintained for any commercial purposes and are not kept in quantities which create an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood. Owners shall confine domestic animals to the limits of their property.

Also see Elko County Sterling Codifiers 7-2-2 through 7-2-15 regarding Dogs, and Animal Control.  

Please report animals running at large first and foremost to the Animal Control by calling Central Dispatch (775) 777-7300.

You can make secondary complaints to the Spring Creek Association office by calling (775) 753-6295.

The Association can place the owner of any loose animal into non-compliance of the Rules & Regulations of the Association, we would require the following information in order to send this notice to the animal owner. Please click the button for details needed. This information would be required when filing a nuisance complaint of other types as well.

Call before you dig - ​USA Dig 1-800-227-2600. USA Dig is not affiliated with Spring Creek Association.

What do I need a permit for?  Spring Creek Association requires that you apply for a permit for any structures, fences, or any livestock other than horses. Horses are permitted on AR zoned properties at a limit of two (2) per full acre of land. You can call the office 753-6295 to get more information.

Pushing Snow on Roads - Plowing or pushing snow across or into the road from your property is not allowed. Please refer to the SCA Snow Removal Policy. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding Snow Removal.

OHV Use - Please refer to the rules and regulations regarding OHV use on SCA roads.

Drilling Wells - all SCA properties are connected to a municipal water system through Spring Creek Utilities. No wells are allowed to be drilled on private property. Spring Creek Utilities is not affiliated with Spring Creek Association. Contact 753-4437 to report water related issues or to connect or change service.

What can I do about the deer in my yard?  Hunting in any form within Spring Creek Association is prohibited. Signage is posted at every main entrance of the Association. Do not intentionally feed deer. Local feed stores sell sacks of "deer feed" however; this feed is not natural forage for the deer, it is a grain which their stomachs cannot digest and is of no benefit to them.  Keep your hay and/or grain covered or inside a storage building or barn. Plant "deer resistant" foliage/trees. Put up a fence; fences don't always keep them out but they help deter them. Placing fencing around your trees will protect them from damage from shedding bucks and hungry pregnant does. 

Picture examples of violations:

Common Questions

Vacant Lots - All Spring Creek Association lots are privately owned. Spring Creek Association does not have any regulations regarding brush hogging an undeveloped lot. Contractors are not required to brush hog or clear any more than the area needed for development. 

Who can I call to help with yard maintenance or to brush hog my property - Spring Creek Association does have a list of a few private residents that have provided their phone numbers for yard care services. You can call the office 753-6295 to get these numbers. SCA does not endorse anyone on the yard care list.