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Frontier Communications Internet Issues

HAVE ISSUES WITH FRONTIER? Please review the information below on progress we have made to help residents in Spring Creek and Elko County with the Issues. ANYONE can make a written complaint, not just SCA residents. IF YOU DO NOT PUT IN A FORMAL COMPLAINT, THERE IS NOTHING THE ATTORNEY GENERAL CAN HELP US WITH. This is the time to get the information to them within the next 30 days to help with the issues. Please do not wait, do not put it off another day!

The Spring Creek Association board decided to start pursuing next steps with Frontier for a short term solution for our residents, whether that is Frontier charging customers only for the speeds they are actually receiving, and even requiring Frontier to put in additional infrastructure in our area. We will also be simultaneously working through various avenues to get this issue resolved for our residents for the long term with state and local officials. Likely this is not going to be a quick process although starting somewhere and getting the ball rolling is key. 

If you want to make change, the time is now! Carefully read the steps below and submit the information.


Spring Creek Association