SCA Resident               Non-Member         
Adult Pass 

                   Daily                                          $7.00                             $12.00  
                   Monthly                                    $30.00                           $48.00  
                   90 Day                                       $60.00                           $96.00

                   6 Month                                    $100.00                         $160.00                
                   Annual                                      $150.00                         $240.00

Youth 17 & Under Pass  
                    Daily                                           $5.00                              $7.00                     
                    Monthly                                     $12.00                            $17.00                  
                    90 Day                                        $20.00                           $28.00

                    6 Month                                     $50.00                           $70.00                 
                    Annual                                        $70.00                          $98.00                

Couples Pass 
                Monthly                                          $50.00                           $80.00
                90 day                                             $100.00                         $160.00

                6 Month                                          $180.00                        $288.00
                Annual                                            $270.00                         $432.00

Family Pass  (2 adults and 2 youths) 

                            *each additional Youth PO $2.00 / Non-PO $7.00                                                                     *each additional Adult PO $30.00 / Non-PO $55.00)
             Monthly                                             $74.00                           $118.00
             90 Day                                               $140.00                         $224.00

             6 Month                                            $250.00                         $400.00
             Annual                                               $400.00                        $640.00

Senior Pass (ages 55 and up)
             Monthly                                              $20.00                          $32.00
             90 Day                                                $40.00                           $64.00

             6 Month                                             $80.00                           $128.00
             Annual                                               $120.00                         $192.00

 Senior Couples Pass
                Monthly                                          $30.00                        $48.00
                90 day                                             $60.00                        $96.00

                6 Month                                          $120.00                      $192.00                                

                Annual                                            $210.00                      $336.00                                

Adopted by the Board of Directors April 24, 2019


Horse Palace Survey Results: 

Click HERE​ to see the survey results. 


Photo Credit Sweetlight Photography All Rights Reserved

 Hours: *Unless prearranged

                        Summer Hours - 7:00 a.m. until CLOSE

                         Winter Hours - 8:00 a.m. until CLOSE



Open for Barrels/Gymkhana - Suzanne Hoffman (406) 690-7302

Handicap Riders - contact Carolyn (753-6164)

Gamble Oak Pony/English Riding

Open for Roping  - Chad Steel (775) 962-1356

High School Rodeo Club - Shawn Silva (775) 777-5192



Event Reservations:                                                           Non Ticketed                        Ticketed               
Indoor Arena                                                                        $250                                       $500     
Outdoor Arena                                                                     $200                                       $0
Roping Events                                                                      $300 or 10% stock charge whichever is greater            
Damage deposit for arena rentals                                   $250.00                                 $250.00                
Cleaning deposit for arena rentals                                   $100.00                                 $100.00                
Reservation Deposit                                                            $100 Non Refundable (due at the time of booking)   
Additional Charges:                                                         
Lights                                                                                     $15 per hour                                                        
Generator (additional lighting)                                          $40.00 per hour                                                                  
Heaters                                                                                  $130.00 per hour                                                
$130.00 per hour if all heaters are used.  The cost for the Bleacher heaters is $30.00/hr. the 4 unit arena heaters are $35.00/hr. and the 6 unit arena heaters are $65.00/hr.
P.A. System                                                                          $20.00 per event                                                                 
Staff assistance, tractor work                                           $25.00 per hour                 

STALL AND CORRAL RENTAL FEES                                                               Group Rates/Practices (Oct-Mar 6-9 PM Sun-Friday)                                                                                                                                                   Non Property        Property
                                              Owner/Resident                  Non-Owner           adult-$10            adult- $5                                                                                                                                                                               child-$5              child- $3

Large Corral monthly         $120.00                               $120.00                   8 and under free
Small Corral- monthly        $75.00                                  $75.00                    
Water heater monthly        $45.00                                  $45.00                                                                                  
Stalls (daily)                          $20.00                                  $20.00                   


It is that time of year again to get ready for the winter season for the Horse Palace Indoor Arena Schedule.  A meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 22, 2021, at 4:15pm, in the SCA Community Center Board Room, to discuss schedules for the evening hours at the Horse Palace.  If you are interested in setting up an evening for your practices, and would like to volunteer to assist with opening and closing of the Horse Palace, please plan on attending. 

This is an opportunity to present you request for a certain night of the week, all options will be considered, including open riding for evening hours.

Your participation is greatly appreciated.  If you know of anyone whom would like to attend, please extend this invitation to them as well.


Spring Creek Association 

Call Us:  +1.775.753.6295

This equestrian center was built in 1973 and is located in the Palace Heights (400 Tract) area of the Association with the magnificent Ruby Mountains as a back drop!  

The Horse Palace is a 1500 seat indoor arena with an approximately 150' x 300' arena floor, a bar, and a coffee shop. 

The addition of the outdoor lighted arena makes this facility even more functional and fun allowing different events to take place at the same time using both arenas.

There are warm up rings, dressage rings, and hunt seat rings available. 

The Horse Palace also features large and small corrals.

There are also miles of trail riding around the area.
The Horse Palace serves the active involved horse owner as well as first time and experienced riders and has provided a central meeting place for many equine activities. The interested spectator will also find this enclosed facility a comfortable place to watch his or her favorite events.

The Spring Creek Horse Palace is open 7 days a week for your riding pleasure. We encourage you to check the hours and schedules posted on this page to see any reserved events that may be going on!

The Spring Creek Association urges Horse Palace users to participate by telling us their ideas and individual needs.  

Come and visit this fine facility and bring your whole family. 

For information on events or to schedule an event, please contact the Association Office  at (775) 753-6295