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Nuisance Weeds 

What Are Noxious Weeds vs. Nuisance Weeds?

The most common noxious weeds in this area are noted below with pictures:

Hoary Cress, several varieties of Thistle and Spotted Knapweed. A complete list can be found by Clicking Here

Did you know noxious weeds are illegal per NRS?

Per NRS 555.150  -  Control of noxious weeds by owner or occupant of land. Every railroad, canal, ditch or water company, and every person owning, controlling or occupying lands in this State, and every county, incorporated city or district having the supervision and control over streets, alleys, lanes, rights-of-way, or other lands, shall control all weeds declared and designated as noxious as provided in NRS 555.130 in any manner specified by and whenever required by the State Quarantine Officer.

Review the SCA's DRAFT Weed Management Plan be clicking below:

Noxious Weeds