Spring Creek Association 

*Payments scheduled prior to 5:00 pm  Pacific Time will be applied to your account the same business day.      Payments scheduled after 5:00 pm Pacific Time will be applied the next business day.

 Any account 30 days past due will receive a $10.00 late fee.

*NOTE: if your account is in collections the balance displayed does not include ANY associated legal fees. Please contact the SCA office to get your full balance owed.

*Note: "DuesPayment" is a third party processing company. All information is private and confidential. 
     All Electronic check (ACH) transactions have a $1.00 processing fee per transaction. 
     All Debit card transactions have a 1.00% (minimum of $1.95) processing fee per transaction.
     All Credit card transactions have a 2.95% (minimum of $1.95) processing fee per transaction.

Online Account Access and Payment 

Call Us:  +1.775.753.6295

We are excited to now offer online property account access and an online assessment payment option!  

The blue button below allows you to access "Hometastic" to view your assessment payment history and update your contact information on your SCA property account! This is the same system we use in our office to tell you your assessment balance.

                                                                                *The balance displayed is your annual balance, not your monthly balance.

 Just click the button below!

The green button below allows you to access "DuesPayment" to set up your personal assessment payment account and pay your Association dues online!  "DuesPayment" allows us to accept Debit, Credit Card or ACH transactions! Just follow the step by step account setup!  You can also set up recurring automatic payments, and reminders via email or text message! 


                       *Note: your Unit # is your  three, four or five digit SCA Assessment account number ending in zero (0) (i.e. 120, 1230 or                              12340), and if you have more than one property to pay for you do not need separate payment accounts you can note                               all assessment account numbers in the unit # box                                                                                                                                                               *If you have problems setting up your account, please call DuesPayment Customer Service at 866-289-5977

Just click the button below!