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Earth Day 2015 and Adopt a Family Christmas 2014

2015 Spring Creek Ranch Rodeo

               Top Hand                                             Champion Team                                      2nd Place Team                              1st Place Steer Stopper

          Robert Crutcher                                            Jim Ranch                                             Outlaw Natives                                     Jessica Lancaster

Take a Kid Fishing 2016

Sunrise and Sunset in Spring Creek 

             1st Place Bronc Rider                                   National Anthem 

                    Junior Harney                                     Miss Avvianna Robles

2016 Spring Creek Ranch Rodeo

Photo Gallery 

2016 Ranch Rodeo Images by Anthony Mori - All rights reserved

Championship Team - C Ranches

Top Hand Award - Hy Wilkinson

Freedom Festival 2017 *2017 Freedom Festival images property of SCA and Anthony Montoya with AM Industries, Chip Stone and Marli Acquistapace  - all rights reserved

Freedom Festival 2016 *2016 Freedom Festival images property of SCA and Sweetlight Photography - all rights reserved

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             1st Place Steer Stopper                                                                                       1st Place Saddle Bronc                                    

                   Jessica Kelly                                                                                                           Tommy Stowell