Neighbor 2 Neighbor is a community volunteer program that was created in 2017 to help the disabled, elderly, veterans and those of lower income who are not able to take care of the outdoor tasks it takes to keep their property clean. An application must be filled out and the applicant must meet the requirements to be able to receive the assistance they are in need of at the SCA office noted below.

Those in need will be connected with a volunteer or multiple volunteers to help this with any items they are needing. Types of assistant include:

-Snow Removal

-Hauling Away Trash

-Hauling Away Old Vehicles or Vehicle Parts


-Helping Build or Rebuild Structures

-Weed Control


Applications can be picked up at the SCA office at 401 Fairway Blvd. or printed off of our website at 

Need Help? Fill out the Client Application below and Client Application Release Form

Want to Help? Fill out the Volunteer Application below and the Volunteer Application Release Form

Spring Creek Association 

Blue Reflector Snow Program

Neighbor 2 Neighbor Program

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Blue Reflector Program - SCA Helping Neighbors

This year the SCA road and snow removal crews would like to help as much as they can by picking up their blades for those who are disabled during snow removal. We are looking into new attachments and equipment to be able to do this for many more in the future although we felt this was an important place to start. 

So, if you are disabled and need this type of help this Winter, please come to the SCA office and fill out a Neighbor 2 Neighbor Form (may require additional documentation) and we will get a Blue Reflector placed at the end of your driveway for this Winter. Please do not remove these as well will collect them again after snow season.

Questions? Please call 775-753-6295 for more information or Fill Out the Applications below!