Spring Creek Association 

Call Us:  +1.775.753.6295

Located along the base of the Ruby Mountains Spring Creek Association offers a 5 station un-sheltered handgun and rifle range. Shooters can enjoy the range facilities from sunrise to sunset daily.

There is no Range Master on site, the area is patrolled by SCA Security throughout the day.

There are restrooms, tables, benches and target back-stops set up at various intervals. The area is set up as a target range only . 

NO clay shooting, or tannerite allowed. No shotguns or fully automatic firearms are allowed. Spring Creek Trap and Skeet is available for shooting clays.

SCA asks that everyone be courteous and clean up your spent rounds and targets before you leave. 

Also please do not bring any glass or plastic items as targets! 

This area does require a key to get in the gate, you can purchase a key from the SCA Office at 401 Fairway Blvd. Spring Creek, NV 89815.

Property Owner/Renter (with proof of renter status) - $10.00 per key.

Non-Property Owner - $25.00 refundable deposit plus $10.00 per day.

Please lock the gate when entering and leaving the facility. 

​The facility is also available to shooting clubs for private matches when reserved.

Please contact the Spring Creek Association office (775) 753-6295 for more information.

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