Spring Creek Association 

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Schuckmann's Sports Complex, located on Springfield Parkway in Sunset Ridge (Tract 300).

It has 4 baseball diamonds and multiple soccer fields. This makes the complex the perfect place for youth sports all year round.

Vista Grande Park is located on Brent Dr. in Vista Grande (Tract 200).

It has everything needed for entertainment, nice playground equipment, a baseball diamond and a basketball court.



PERMITS for League/team(s) are Required to use any of the SCA fields.


 Additional Rules and Regulations may be posted at facilities/amenities

All organizations, leagues, and teams will secure and maintain a policy of liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 combined single limits.  The insurance policy will name the Spring Creek Association and its employees and agents as additional insured and will provide for 30-days written notice of cancellation.


  • As a condition of being granted a permit, organizations, leagues, and teams agree to the following:

  • Pick up the litter and keep the restrooms clean during hours that the facility is being used.
  • Permits will only be issued to organizations, leagues, and teams which are in good standing with:
  • Payment of user fees to date,
  • Player agreements received for each and every player signed off on,
  • A complete team roster,
  • Insurance,

And meeting the needs of the Spring Creek Community. 

Spring Creek teams and non-profits will take precedent on the fields at all times regardless of when a request was put in for the field.

Organizations, leagues, and team further agree, without limiting any other similar requirements, to save and hold the Spring Creek Association and its officers, agents and employees harmless from any claim for loss or damage to person or property, based on injury or loss sustained by anyone using or present at the facility during above named organization’s use of the facility. Organizations, leagues, and teams will, at no cost to the Spring Creek Association, defend or resolve any such claims and will reimburse the Spring Creek Association for any expenses incurred in responding to such claims. Organizations, leagues, and teams fully agree and understand all terms and conditions noted in the issued permits, as well as the GUIDELINES and HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT associated with field usage.


  • All users of the Spring Creek Association fields must request use through the Spring Creek Association.  Assigning facilities is the sole responsibility of the President or his/her designee.  Organization, league, or team representatives must attend a scheduled meeting with the SCA President or his/her designee, or permits may not be issued.  Should a representative not attend this scheduled meeting you will not receive a field permit, which will result in your league not being able to play for that year. This application will be accepted thirty (30) days in advance of each seasons start date. 
  • Each league is required to supply a current list of league officers, practice schedules, playing schedules, tournament dates and a complete roster.  This list is needed PRIOR to the start of league field use.  PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME WE KNOW YOUR PLAYING AND TOURNAMENT SCHEDULES.
  • Organizations, leagues, and teams must secure and maintain a policy of liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence. The insurance policy must name the Spring Creek Association and its employees and agents as additional insured and must provide for 30-days written notice of cancellation.
  • Please do not change any buildings, backstops, fields, dugouts, field proper, concessions, etc., until it is approved through the Spring Creek Association President or his/her designee.  Construction or placement of foreign objects on any field or surrounding area by individual organizations, leagues or teams is prohibited.  Field improvement and enhancement suggestions are accepted in writing for consideration and budgeting purposes only.  Should your organization, league, or team place or install any improvements to the fields (scoreboards, bleachers, etc.), the improvements will become part of the facilities and will not be allowed to be removed from the facilities and shall be allowed to be used by other patrons of the facilities.
  • All user(s) must follow all posted rules, regulations, and signs.  Park in designated areas only.
  • Do NOT attempt to change/adjust irrigation clocks and please inform your coaches not to do so.  Call the Spring Creek Association and they will make the necessary adjustments.
  • Please allow ample time (the more, the better) for requests for service to fields.  If you have a tournament coming up, please request services at least two (2) weeks in advance.
  • Please remind your coaches to set a good example for children and fellow team members.  For example: it does not look good when the coach breaks into a field building or cuts off a lock while everyone is standing around watching.  This is not good citizenry.
  • Organizations, leagues, and teams will be charged for repairs, including overtime, due to facility break-ins, irrigation system tampering, or electrical mishaps due to overloading the circuit (BY ORGANIZATION, LEAGUE, OR TEAM MEMBERS).  
  • We will require two sets of keys to every lock you install.  SCA reserves the right to cut any locks installed by an organization, league, or team.
  • All leagues are responsible for their own electricity bills. 
  • Please use common sense regarding lighting.  Turn the lights on when it gets dark and off as soon as the game ends.   Encourage coaches/parents/players to talk at their cars, not on the fields under the lights.
  • All youth leagues are required to pay a $15.00 player fee per player, per sport season to the Spring Creek Association accompanied with a full roster of each player in your league.  All adult leagues are required to pay a $25.00 player fee per player accompanied with a full roster of each player in your league.  This money will be used for repairs, improvements and any other requests that may be needed for the designated fields. Payment is due to the Spring Creek Association within thirty (30) days of the first practice, game, or field use EACH season.

  • Travel Team/Season is separate from league team/season.
  • The only exception to this rule is if the player has already been paid for during that season because they played in a league (same sport), they do not have to pay twice for a travel team.
  • All players from outside of the Spring Creek Association must also pay the player fee. Spring Creek Association teams will have precedent over teams who have outside Spring Creek players. This may mean the SCA will reschedule your practice times and days because a Spring Creek team requested fields. Example:  A team whose roster containing 100% of players living within the Association will have precedent over a team whose roster contains less than 100% of the players living within the Association.