Spring Creek Association 

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Team SCA

SCA Buildings, Grounds & Parks Staff

SCA Golf Course Maintenance Staff

SCA Roads & Equipment Maintenance Staff

Jessie Bahr -  President /General Manager

Annette Kerr- Vice President

Kristine Austin-Preston - Corporate Treasurer/Corporate Secretary

Cailey Payne - Assessment Clerk

COA Secretary

Aaron Apodaca - Front Desk 

Bailey Meza - Event/Program Coordinator

Kenny Millis - Roads Supervisor

Scooter Rugh - Equip. Operator

Jason Montgomery -  Senior Mechanic

Jared Moffitt - Buildings/Grounds & Parks Superintendent

Bill Hartsfield - B&G

Greg Heberlein - Parks

Rafael Avila - Horse Palace

Travis Mahlke- Greens Superintendent

Kedric Abplanalp - Asst. Greens Superintendent

At the Spring Creek Association, we strive to meet our memberships needs and without great staff, we could never meet this commission. 

  • Integrity by being ethical, professional, and trustworthy.
  • Respect by being fair, courteous, and valuing others.
  • Accountability by being responsible for our actions and following through on our commitments.
  • Innovation by continuously improving services through progressive and creative outcomes.
  • Learning by developing our knowledge and skills.
  • Communication through transparency, collaboration, and accessible information. 

SCA Corporate Office Staff