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Water company rates comparison charts - From PUCN

Who is the PUCN?

The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (“PUCN“) is a regulatory agency that ensures investor-owned utilities comply with laws enacted by the Nevada Legislature like Utilities Inc.

The PUCN’s basic regulatory duties, as defined by the Legislature (NRS 704.001), include:

To provide for fair and impartial regulation of public utilities.
To provide for the safe, economic, efficient, prudent and reliable operation and service of public utilities.
To balance the interests of customers and shareholders of public utilities by providing public utilities with the opportunity to earn a fair return on their investments while providing customers with just and reasonable rates.

The PUCN regulates approximately 400 investor-owned utilities in Nevada, but does not rate-regulate municipal-owned utilities. The PUCN has limited authority over utility cooperatives. The PUCN does not regulate the rates or service quality of utility cooperatives

The Spring Creek Association is aware that there is a growing concern of the Spring Creek membership in regards to water and water rates. Our Association has put together a volunteer Water Committee who’s focus is to establish water conservation practices, communication to Utilities Inc. and the Public Utilities Commission regarding any issues, and to ultimately try and help reduce the burden to our membership.

Learn more about Water FAQ's by CLICKING HERE!

Water Updates

Once forms are filled out please email a copy of your complaint to Frontdesk@springcreeknv.org 

Water increases over the year's comparison chart

Below is a list of contacts to address any questions or concerns.

 Great Basin Water Co.: https://www.myutility.us/greatbasinwaterco, or call 844-694-4404.  Will you please also include the inquiries@greatbasinwaterco.com

Public Utilities Commission: puccompliance@puc.nv.gov or mail to1150 E. William St. Carson City, NV 89701-3109 or Call 775-684-6100

Bureau of Consumer Affairs: http://ag.nv.gov/Complaints/File_Complaint

Assemblyman John Ellison: Email John.Ellison@asm.state.nv.us or Mail to P.O. Box 683 Elko, NV 89803-0683 or Call 775-738-6284

Senator Pete Goicoechea: Email Goicoechea @sen.state.nv.us or Mail to P.O. Box 97 Eureka, NV 89316-0097 or Call 775-237-5300

Spring Creek Association: frontdesk@springcreeknv.org or call 775-753-6295

Water Contacts

Having issues with Great Basin Water Company (GBWC) including lack of service, bills higher than normal, or other complaints? This is your time to let the Public Utilities Commissioner of Nevada know! SCA is currently intervening in regards to this years water case but NEED the community to speak up about their issues.

The  Public Utilities Commissioner of Nevada consumer session is schedule at 6 PM on October 27, 2020 and will be held telephonically and not in-person in Spring Creek, as was originally suggested during the prehearing conference.

GBWC must respond to the comments made at the consumer session.  Thus, if anyone has complaints regarding costs, ghost reading, water bills, service interruptions, time to respond/fix issues, etc., it is advantageous for those members to attend the consumer session and speak up. 

Members can participate in the consumer session by calling 1(872)239-8405 and entering the following conference ID:  314 277 52#.  Alternatively or additionally, members can submit written comments via email to BPA@puc.nv.gov or by mail to:

Attn: Docket No. 20-07017
1150 East William Street
Carson City, NV 89701

NRS and NAC policies in governing water utilities

Complaint Forms

Water company rates comparison charts - From PUCN