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Nuisance Issues - ATV, Dogs Running Loose or Barking

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​​We have heard a lot of frustration from property owners on this issue and thanks to the Elko County Commission and the support of the Spring Creek representative, Rex Steninger, the traveling merchant ban for the Spring Creek Association is moving forward. 

 It shall be unlawful for any person with the intent to sell or solicit goods and/or services, also known as door-to-door sales, to call in person at any dwelling or business or at any other place
within the boundaries of the Spring Creek Association. Any person who intentionally violates Section (F) is guilty of a misdemeanor. Political, religious and charitable organizations are exempted.

1. Call dispatch at 775-777-7300 and report the solicitor.
2. Call or email SCA so we can follow-up on the issue at 775-753-6295 or email frontdesk@springcreeknv.org.


We have become aware that there are many frustrations from homeowners regarding Frontier Communications. We have contacted the Public Utilities Commission to ask for guidance and how we can help our residents get answers. They do not regulate the internet but will make sure it gets to the correct avenues as they have escalator groups to work with the companies and address the issues. Use the information and format below to document your issues and complaint:

Your Name:
Your Address:
Your Phone Number:

Email it to: cjones@puc.nv.gov
OR Call 775-684-6119

 You can also contact the FCC and Bureau of Consumer Affairs to place a complaint:

FCC - https://consumercomplaints.fcc.gov/hc/en-us

Bureau of Consumer Affairs - http://ag.nv.gov/About/Consumer_Protection/Bureau_of_Consumer_Protection/


Having a nuisance issue? Dogs barking or loose? ATV issues? Here is the procedure so we can help.

Here is how you can report an issue so we can address the property owner right away as nuisance violation.

The information below is what we request you supply us. You can make a complaint several ways including calling 775-753-6295, email: coa@springcreeknv.org, or anonymous contact by using our online contact form here: 


We ask you provide as much information as possible in the case as noted below.

Date of complaint
Address where issue is occurring
Issue in detail including the following:

If nuisance regards an animal complaint:

i.Description of animal
Size (Sm, Med, Large)

ii.What type of nuisance is it?
Running at large

iii.Specific dates and times of occurrences

iv.Video, audio or photo documentation is helpful

If nuisance regards a noise nuisance in another form (music, revving car engines, etc.):

i.Specific dates and times of occurrences

ii.Video, audio or photo documentation is helpful

If nuisance regards an ATV or OHV issue:

i.Specific dates and times of occurrences

ii.Video, audio or photo documentation is helpful

All complaints remain anonymous, but if the issue persists and a hearing is required, then the complainant will be notified of the hearing and asked to attend to state their issues. They are not required to attend, however; their written, photo or audio/video evidence to support the complaint will be submitted to the COA for the hearing.

Traveling Merchant

What's Happening In The HOA?

​Canada geese are a valuable natural resource and a source of recreation to the general public, bird watchers, and hunters. Of all the waterfowl, geese are particularly opportunistic and can easily become accustomed to people. In many areas of the United States, resident Canada goose populations have increased dramatically since the 1960's. Flocks of non-migrating Canada geese have become established throughout many states. In urban areas, Canada geese have responded to landscape features that provide expanses of short grass for food, lack of natural predators, absence of hunting, and hand feeding by some people.

Although most people find a few geese acceptable, problems develop as local flocks grow and the droppings become excessive (a goose produces a pound of droppings per day). Problems include over-grazed lawns, accumulations of droppings and feathers on play areas and walkways, nutrient loading in the marina, public health concerns at the beach, aggressive behavior by nesting birds, and safety hazards near our roads. 

Damage Prevention and Control Methods

Types of Control Methods

There are many ways to discourage Canada geese from settling. No single technique is universally effective and socially acceptable. Persistent application of a combination of methods is usually necessary and yields the best results.

Goose problems in suburban areas are especially difficult because birds are not afraid of people and may become accustomed to scaring techniques. But don't rule out any technique that might be feasible; dogs under strict supervision can safely be used and controlled hunting has been successfully used at some golf courses. Once geese settle in a particular location, they will be more tolerant of disturbances and be difficult to disperse. No method works well with just a few attempts, and a comprehensive, long-term strategy is usually needed.

Control measures work in various ways. Some reduce the biological carrying capacity of an area to support geese by reducing food or habitat. Other methods disperse geese to other sites where, hopefully, they are of less concern. Some techniques reduce the actual number of geese to a level that people can tolerate ("social carrying capacity").

To effectively reduce goose damage, the Association, with the guidance of a wildlife biologist and other experts, needs to use as many methods as possible.

The geese management plan is almost complete for 2017. We will look for planning for the 2018 year.

Interested in helping on goose patrol with dogs or drones?

Please contact the SCA through the Contact tab at the top.